What is Data Tidying?

Data Tidying is the process of structuring your data in a way that makes it easy to analyze and use. Instead of focusing on ridding your data of inaccuracies, data tidying focuses on ensuring the accurate data that remains is easy for users to inspect and use. This strategy should happen after you clean your data and bridges the gap between “How can we make sure our data is accurate?” and “How can we make our accurate data useful?”


How to embed (or) insert code directly on Medium using a MacBook?

Hello everyone, are you wondering on how to include your code for example Python, R, SQL, C, C++ etc on Medium application when you are trying to publish a story?

The solution for the above query is simple:-

Copy the code and paste it in your story then select (or) highlight the code and press command+option+6 at a time.                           (OR)Press command+option+6 at a time and release you will get code blocks to insert your code.

Type ``` in a new line. You will be prompted with a code block to insert your code.

Happy coding…


Hello everyone, this article is especially for the people who are interested in learning MySql from basics to advanced topics like triggers, variables, index, case etc in MySql.

The following topics are covered:-

  1. DDL
  2. DML
  3. DCL
  4. TCL
  5. Keys
  6. Relational Schema
  7. Data Types
  8. Constraints
  9. Operators
  10. Wildcard Characters
  11. Aggregate Functions
  12. Group BY…

R Programming

Core Programming Principles in R

Hello everyone, let us dive into the basics of R programming:

Before getting started with R, download the necessary files like R Studio and R. But don't worry because I already wrote a blog on how to install R on macOS and Windows. …

Ada Boost

Ada Boost for Classification

It is quite easy to import modules and to execute Ada boost algorithm using python code but it is very important to know how the algorithm works? so, here is a simple explanation……

Boosting is the process of turning a weak learner into a strong learner…

To update the anaconda application navigate to the terminal in spyder and execute the following command:-

conda update conda;

During the Corona Virus outbreak, CT(Computed Tomography) is widely used for diagnosing COVID-19 patients. Due to many privacy concerns the CT images are not publicly available to implement Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for research and development of the AI-enabled algorithms to classify the CT images. To address this…

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